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Mao’s Last Dancer by Li Cunxin Essay

‘Non-fiction messages just arrangement with facts.’ Examine the legitimacy of this announcement. In your article reaction, you ought to examine how writers of true to life messages present their perspective with explicit reference to your true to life text. Collections of memoirs, as an account true to life text, for the most part depend on the shows of real recorded proof while introducing an individual perspective. Genuine messages in this manner, depend on target detail and an abstract point of view. All through the collection of memoirs Mao’s Last Dancer the author Li Cunxin offers an individual assessment of activities and hypothesizes on the importance of specific activities and occasions. To draw in and engage the responder the author utilizes opinionative language and emotive language all through. Relates depend strongly on memory, which can be delicate and deceiving, and subsequently one should scrutinize the legitimacy of such a content. Such a self-portrayal additionally manages authentic occasions yet incorporates a degree of emotionally. By saying verifiable messages just arrangement with realities is in part wrong in light of the fact that true to life messages, for example, collections of memoirs do manage the thin gs other than realities and it contrastingly carries quickness to occasions that have been essentially described by auxiliary adaptations. Subsequently, genuine writings are not generally target when managing the occasions in a person’s life and this demonstrates directly through the novel. Self-portrayals by their very nature depend back on recollections from an earlier time. This can be delicate and can disregard certain realities. In Li Cunxin’s text, a large portion of his composing depended back on his memory. He misrepresents and fortifies his focuses emphatically. Overstatement is utilized in this line, â€Å"My jumps were high†¦It felt like as though I was flying†¦gliding through the open sky, and if the music permitted it, I would have remained noticeable all around all night,† (p314) modifying reality to depict him in a positive light. Moreover, Time affects memory as it very well may be obfuscated after some time and can't be as solid. For instance when Li has a discussion with Teacher Xiao he incorporates the specific discourse, which was spoken. â€Å"Cunxin I comprehend your displeasure and I think Teacher Gao wasn't right. He shouldn’t name†¦Ã¢â‚¬ (p182) The peruser must question how the creator recalls each detail from his past. This adds to the emotional idea of this sort. Li reflecting from his memory likewise shapes his feeling, full on life. Exuding from Li’s individual feelings this shows this is an emotional describe just as goal, â€Å"My sentiments about leaving her and returning to China became unbearable† (p289). Parts of the story additionally portray how his folks were feeling before he was brought into the world through the short sensational sentences, however isn't basically genuine as he was not really there, â€Å"She realizes her family will never again be her principle wellspring of comfort†¦looks back at her natural town once and for all, she has no tears,†(xiv) thus this depends on memory and point of view by and by. The utilization of first individual, it interoperates true to life messages, for example, self-portrayals, a temperamental wellspring of data. The reason for writing in this style is to give the responder an individual impact, while thinking about back their biography. Along these lines, this repeats the way that the self-portrayal is just determined to the individual and particular occasions being passed on by the creator. Thusly, the peruser is given inclination and constrained genuine substance investigated inside Mao’s Last Dancer. They convince the peruser into accepting its actual; it could give the peruser an off-base impression of genuine occasions and places on the grounds that there is nothing else to pass judgment on them from. Parts of one-sidedness are introduced to us in Mao’s Last Dancer, which propose the storyteller is untrustworthy. The utilization of exclusion is drawn out into the open toward the beginning of the ‘afterword’. The way that the writer gets done with composing on the page about a specific occasion which happened in the inaccessible past (being discharged from the Chinese Government). And afterward begins another page eradicating an entire stage out of his collection of memoirs. â€Å"My new existence with Elizabeth started like an East meets West pixie tale†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (p308) essentially consoles the perusers that the authenticity of the content isn't all evident. What has occurred in the discharge and the gathering of Elizabeth? The peruser doesn't hear what her perspective is on the conditions or her opinion of it, for example, why their marriage fizzled, â€Å"but it didn’t work out the way we both had hoped.† (p308) This simply gives the peruser an uneven perspective. As we hear Li’s considerations and feelings towards Elizabeth, the peruser is controlled into identifying with Li. Thusly Elizabeth isn't given sufficient portrayal. â€Å"Our marriage in the long run fizzled. We sufferedâ greatly and I felt appallingly alone on the planet. I had nobody to go to.† (p308) The utilization of this individual style makes this classification an emotional book. Nonetheless, life accounts do incorporate real detail and are not all emotional. In Mao’s Last Dancer, the writer incorporates an addendum, which diagrams the verifiable occasions referenced in the book. These incorporate reference map, a recorded course of events of China in the twentieth Century and high contrast photographs with subtitles. These support Li Cunxin’s biography and set it inside a chronicled setting. Related proof for the peruser that these occasions really happened, â€Å"In 1921 the Chinese Government party was founded.† (p328). This references to authentic figures, for example, Chairman Mao Zedong, and the utilization of dates gave. Anyway one must question why the creator and their motivation chose these models. The composed style of true to life text the two arrangements with realities and enthusiastic speculations. Hence such an excess of happening essentially. Passionate speculations, which are centered around in the content, Mao’s Last Dancer, includes the possibility of memory wherein the occasions happened. All through the novel we observer from the creator the various occasions the delicacy in memory. The one-sidedness in life accounts regularly gives the peruser a predisposition see on all occasions and the creator generally adjusts reality. By saying true to life messages just arrangement with realities is exceptionally far from being obviously true as realities are interwoven with the individual.

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Tobacco Use and Lung Cancer Essay Example For Students

Tobacco Use and Lung Cancer Essay Lung CancerLung disease is the main malignant growth executioner among the two people. There are two unique kinds of lung malignant growth: nonsmall cell lung disease and little cell lung malignant growth. There are likewise a wide range of things that can cause lung disease, yet the main source for lung malignancy is tobacco use. What is lung malignant growth? This is an inquiry that many individuals are as yet inquiring. Lung disease is certainly something to need to be taught about with the goal that it tends to be conspicuous. There are solid cells that develop and isolate all through the body to keep it working appropriately, yet now and then this development gains out of power when the cells keep on delivering despite the fact that phones arent required. These anomalous cells in the lungs start when the lungs are presented to cancer-causing agents for example those found in tobacco smoke. From the outset, just few strange cells may show up, yet as these cells are progressively presented to cancer-causing agents they will advance and in the long run these cells become dangerous. When these destructive cells have arrived at the lungs, they have simple access to an enormous number of blood and lymph vessels. (MFMER 1998-2001) Cancer that starts in the lungs is isolated into two significant sorts, little cel l lung malignant growth and nonsmall cell lung disease. Nonsmall cell lung malignant growth is more typical than little cell lung disease and it by and large develops and spreads all the more gradually. There are three primary sorts of nonsmall cell lung malignant growth that are named for the kind of cells wherein the disease creates. These three kinds are: squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and enormous cell carcinoma. Squamous cell carcinoma is a malignant growth that structures in cells that are coating the aviation routes. Its the most well-known sort of lung malignant growth in men. Adenocarcinoma is the most widely recognized sort of lung malignancy in ladies and individuals who have never smoked, it is a disease that normally starts in the bodily fluid delivering cells of the lung. The last kind of nonsmall cell lung disease is huge cell carcinoma; this sort of malignant growth starts in the fringe some portion of the lungs. The other significant kind of lung disease is little cell lung malignant growth which in some cases is called oat cell malignant growth, it is less regular than nonsmall cell lung disease. This specific kind of lung malignant growth develops all the more rapidly and is bound to spread to different organs in the body.(MFMER 1998-2001)The number one driving reason for lung disease is tobacco use. At one time smoking was simply viewed as a socially worthy conduct, yet is currently the main source of incapacity and demise in the U.S. It is viewed as the most significant reason for ceaseless bronchitis in both genders, lung and laryngeal malignant growth in men and reasonable justification of lung disease in ladies. There are numerous reasons smoking causes lung malignant growth however one is that the smoke from one single cigarette is made out of more than 4,000 unique constituents and of those, around sixty of them are known cancer-causing agents or tumor advertisers. Smoking might be the main driving reason for death, however i t is likewise preventable. Albeit smoking is the main source of lung malignancy, there are numerous different supporters of lung malignant growth, for example, cigarettes, stogies and funnels, natural tobacco smoke, radon, asbestos, contamination, lung illnesses and clinical history. Cigarettes cause lung disease from the hurtful substances that harm cell in the lungs. Regardless of whether the individual will create lung malignant growth is influenced by the age at which they started smoking, to what extent they have been smoking, the quantity of cigarettes that are smoked every day, and how profoundly the individual breathes in. Stogies and channels give the individual a higher danger of lung malignant growth than nonsmokers, the influences are equivalent to the ones for smoking cigarettes. There are individuals who smoke stogies and pipes and don't breathe in and these individuals are at a hazard for lung, mouth and different sorts of malignant growth. Ecological tobacco smoke ot herwise called used smoke is called automatic or latent smoking is additionally a danger of lung malignancy. Radon is an undetectable, bland, and unscented radioactive gas that happens normally in soil and shakes. Radon can make harm the lungs in the end causing lung malignancy, it is generally found in mines and in certain pieces of the nation it is found in houses. Asbestos is another hazard factor for lung malignancy, it is the name of a gathering of minerals that happen normally as filaments and are utilized in specific ventures. These filaments can coast noticeable all around and stick to garments by separating into particles and when the particles are breathed in, they can hold up in the lungs harming the cells. The introduction of asbestos has been seen in ventures, for example, shipbuilding, asbestos mining and assembling, protection work, and brake fix. Contamination, for example, side-effects of the ignition of diesel and other petroleum products have a connection with lun g malignant growth whenever presented to these air toxins. Lung illnesses, for example, tuberculosis increment a people possibility of creating of lung disease since lung malignant growth will in general create in regions of the lung that are scarred from tuberculosis. The last hazard factor in creating lung malignant growth is clinical history. This implies if an individual has had lung malignant growth once before almost certainly, they build up a second lung disease versus an individual who has never had lung malignancy. (WebMD Corporation 1996-2002)Smoking cigarettes represents about 90% of all lung malignancies. It is likewise connected to 33% of all malignant growths of the mouth, pharynx, larynx, lung and throat. In the United States, tobacco utilize is liable for about one out of five passings murdering in excess of 400,000 Americans every year and is a hazard factor for roughly twenty-five sicknesses. Tobacco use as a hazard factor is relied upon to make a more noteworthy c ase on wellbeing than any single infection. Smoking and tobacco utilize caused around ten million individuals in the United States to pass on and 2,000,000 of those passings alone were the consequence of lung malignant growth. Math Statistics Project Essay Tobacco use is increasingly basic in ladies and is unmistakably a womens issue. It wasnt until the mid 1920s that cigarette publicizing started focusing on ladies and around then, not very many ladies smoked. As the publicizing progressively focused on ladies, cigarette utilize expanded quickly. In light of a report from the U.S. Top health spokesperson, lung malignant growth among white ladies has expanded by 600 percent somewhere in the range of 1950 and 2000. In the year 2000, lung malignant growth represented an expected twenty-five percent and twenty-7,000 a larger number of ladies kicked the bucket of lung disease than bosom malignant growth. (BMJ 2001) This reality might be a shock to an enormous number of individuals on the grounds that most would have believed that bosom malignant growth was the main source of passings among ladies. This fair demonstrates how destructive cigarettes truly are and how uneducated individuals are about the utilization of tobacco and lung maligna ncy, it is an intense issue however it is additionally preventable. Despite the fact that ladies are focused by sponsors, they are not by any means the only ones that are significantly influenced by tobacco use. There are additionally sure racial and ethnic gatherings that are significantly influenced also. For instance, African American men have the most noteworthy lung malignant growth frequency and death rates. Lung malignancy is the main source of disease passings in generally racial/ethnic gatherings of ladies with the exception of American Indian, Filipino, and Hispanic ladies. In men, lung malignant growth is the main source in all racial/ethnic gatherings aside from American Indians. White ladies are said to have higher smoking rates than Hispanic or African American ladies, and African American men have higher rates than Hispanic or White men. Among every single, White immature have the most noteworthy smoking rates and African American young people have the least smoking rates. It appears as if contrasted with all racial and ethnic gatherin gs; White people start at an early age and proceed to be the most elevated evaluated smokers. (RamEx Ars Medica, Inc. 2000)How is lung malignant growth identified? Lung malignancy doesn't cause side effects in its beginning times, however when the disease is propelled the indications include: a ceaseless hack that doesn't leave and deteriorates after some time, weakness, hacking up blood, weight reduction and loss of craving, consistent chest torment, fever without a known explanation, expanding of the neck and face, rehashed issues with pneumonia or bronchitis, wheezing, brevity of breath and roughness. An individual who has any of these side effects should see a specialist to discover the reason on the grounds that these manifestations are additionally suggestive of numerous other lung issues or different less genuine conditions. The specialist many pose inquiries about the clinical history of the patient when thy go for a test. The specialist will likewise give the patient a phys ical test and if the patient has a hack that produces bodily fluid, it might be inspected for malignant growth cells. In the event that the patient is determined to have disease, the specialist will do testing that may incorporate a CT check, a MRI or a bone output to see if the malignant growth has spread. (American Lung Association 2002)The specialist must analyze tissue from the lung to affirm the nearness of lung malignancy. To show whether an individual has malignant growth, there is a biopsy, the evacuation of a little example of tissue for assessment under a magnifying lens by a pathologist. There are various techniques that might be utilized to get this tissue for example a bronchoscopy. This is the place the specialist embeds a bronchoscope into the mouth or nose and down through the trachea to investigate the breathing entries. The specialist can gather cells or little examples of tissue through this cylinder. Another technique is the needle goal; this is the place a needl e is embedded through the chest into the tumor to evacuate an example of tissue. A third kind of technique utilized is thoracentesis, by utilizing a needle the specialist expels an example of the liquid that is encompassing the lungs to check for malignant growth cells. The last strategy examined is thoracotomy, this is a medical procedure that is utilized to open the chest. This system is a significant activity acted in a medical clinic. (US 1998)If the patient is

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Labour Laws Application Practice and Implementation Coursework

Work Laws Application Practice and Implementation - Coursework Example So as to comprehend an employee’s option to infer law and guideline, to put an intrigue against uncalled for excusal, a case will be concentrated completely. In conclusion, the paper intends to contemplate the maternity rights which are conceded to the workers and how they suit in the current society. Foundation to the Context: Employment law has been considered as a fundamental territory of law which has gotten basic consideration from worldwide law too. As obvious from the arrangements related with the Employment Act, there are numerous rules, commitments, rights, and measures for various cases and their results on both for the representative and the business. Since there is an expanded number of commitments, it has become an unpredictability for both the gatherings to actualize pertinent arrangements in their separate cases. It ought to be noticed that work law is being rehearsed in pretty much every nation of the world with their collusion to worldwide work law (Barnard, 2 006). Section 1 (a) Rights of Employees under Section 1-Employment Particulars During the time of work, the worker and the business both ought to know about their privileges and specialists. I. Sub-Section 3 and 4: Where on one hand, it is significant for the business to have total data and trust of the worker; ii. CONT: it is additionally exceptionally noteworthy for the representative to realize what his privileges are and to comprehend what he can guarantee on account of a contention with his boss. Business Rights Act of 1996 obviously characterizes these circumstances for them two. The segment 1 of the law manages the work specifics and the business articulation. This segment of the law is a sort of rule for the representative to comprehend what his privileges are during business and at the hour of end reasonable or unjustifiable so they become more acquainted with what kind of word and conditions to anticipate from the council if there should arise an occurrence of any break fr om the employer(Barnard, 2006) Subsection 1 of Section1 states: Where a worker starts work with a business, the business will provide for the worker a composed explanation of points of interest of employment† (Gavin Mansfield, 2011, p. 581) Under the announcement of points of interest of the area 1 subsection 1 of the Employment Rights Act of 1996, any representative is furnished with an announcement of specifics when he begins any activity (Section 1, sub section1). 1 The subsection 2 of area 1 further clarifies the subsection 1 expressing that: The announcement may (subject to segment 2(4)) be given in portions and will be given not later than two months after the start of the work (Gavin Mansfield, 2011, p. 581)† The announcement of specifics must be given to the worker inside about two months of the beginning of his business (Section 1, Subsection2). Subsection 3 and 4: I. The segment 1 of the law fundamentally manages this announcement of points of interest, the sub tleties and the terms and rules for the arrangement between the business and the representative. ii. The announcement has a rundown of things entitled, from the name of the representative and the expected set of responsibilities to the pay wages and its installment plan (Section 1, Subsection3 and 4). As expressed in the provisions of the Subsection 3 and 4: 3-â€Å"The explanation will contain specifics of: (a) the names of the business and worker, (b) the date when the work began† 4-â€Å".

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Evaluating Essay Topics

Evaluating Essay TopicsAs a writer, it is vital that you know what good evaluation essay topics are. Do not think you have to have the same topic for every assignment you write. If you think you will stick to just one topic all semester, you will get bored and it won't be as fun. You want to have the enjoyment of each assignment, so try to come up with multiple topics to write about.Your objective should be to select at least three different topics for each of your assignments. Each topic should have something to do with the subject of the essay. This is very important because then you can make the essay more interesting and also will help you develop your writing skills.For example, if you are assigned a book review, you will need to write about the different topic related to the book you have written about. Other topics could include popular music or movies that you like. You may even find it fun to write about any book you are reading in hopes that it will increase your knowledge about the book and the field.Writing about the book and the author is also a good topic to consider. You may want to write about your favorite book reviewer or someone who reviewed the book, or you may want to focus on the book itself. Whatever topic you choose, you should make sure that the essay is going to be relevant to the topic of the assignment.You may choose to write a review of another book, or you may want to write your own topic. Regardless of what you choose, you must make sure that the topic is completely relevant to the assignment. If you are reviewing the movie Batman Begins, you need to write about the Batman Begins.When writing good evaluation essay topics, you may want to try not to do it alone. One of the benefits of doing it this way is that you can use other writers who will know what they are doing. This will not only give you better insight on what works and what does not, but you will also be able to build better relationships with other writers.Good evaluati on essay topics should be relevant to the subject of the assignment. Then you will not only be able to learn from them, but you will be able to write a better essay as well.

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Use Of Persuasion For Manipulative Purposes Essay

People often use persuasion to get what they want by moving consciousness. This happens by convincing another person to take on a different attitude in their belief system. However, some people use persuasion for manipulative purposes while others use it to give direction and change their reality. 4.1 Persuasion techniques There are various techniques that people use to persuade others. This include; foot-in-the-door technique whereby the persuader starts with a small and easy request with the hope of extending greater requests. It is based on getting a small yes and eventually leading to a bigger yes. Another technique is the door-in-the-face whereby a person makes unreasonable bigger offers with the hope of getting the person to comply with a smaller counteroffer. This technique uses the power of quilt to ensnare a person to accept an offer. Other people create an appealing need as a way of persuading. This is appropriate for the needs of shelter, self-actualization, love, and self-esteem. Further, loaded images and words are also used in addition to the power of reciprocity. 4.2 Characteristics of the persuader, message, audience A good persuader possesses deep knowledge about a subject matter on which they can convince a person. A knowledgeable person is seen by others as a valuable resource while a person who gets his facts wrong is frowned upon and finds it hard to persuade other people. Good persuaders are also good listeners in addition to being trustworthy. PeopleShow MoreRelatedEssay on What Is Really Behind Advertisement1259 Words   |  6 PagesMany people are in the debate whether companies use persuasion or manipulation in their advertisements to get people to buy a certain product. In the Innocent ones advertisement the â€Å"Stop the Abuse† organization shows a picture of a sad, abused little boy. The advertisement only shows half of his face, but the color in his face has been lightened so it has a gray tint. To the right, where the other half of his face should be, there is a stop sign. The stop sign is bright red, and below the stop signRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of `` The Necessary Art Of Persuasion ``750 Words   |  3 PagesIn the article, The Necessary Art of Persuasion, the author, Jay A. Conger, attempts to illustrate to the readers that one must learn and become fluid in the art of persuasion in the business environment. I believe this argument in favor of persuasion is relative now more then ever. In the past persuasion has had a place in sales and marketing. Attempting to use persuasive techniques in other areas of business could have been deemed as devious or manipulative. However, certain aspects of how we doRead MoreThe Art of Persuassion and Speeches Essay1089 Words   |  5 Pagesactivities. In speeches created and presented by Malcolm X you will find similar manipulation and persuasion tactics to have been used. History has been filled with people who practice to master the intricate art of persuasion. The art of persuasion is a skill that not everyone has, however,the â€Å"I Have A Dream† speech by Martin Luther King Jr. and â€Å"The Ballot or the Bullet† speech by Malcolm X; both exert great use of the skill, and many similar practices were used by Napoleon and Squealer in the book â€Å"AnimalRead MoreJulio Caesar by William Shakespeare Essay884 Words   |  4 PagesComposers build on our perspectives to instil diverse interpretation of events, sit uations and personalities represented through various mediums shaped by their purpose. Thus the representation of conflicting perspectives within their works enables responders to experience a deeper understanding of the world. This is clearly demonstrated in Shakespeare’s tragic play Julius Caesar (1599) and Jason Reitman’s satirical film Thankyou for Smoking (2005). While the Elizabethan context informs Shakespeare’sRead MoreWhat Is Advertising?1110 Words   |  4 Pages2008). It is because buyers are cognitively interpreting information through advertisement faster than wordy notices. The basic purpose of advertising is to identify and differentiate one product from another in order to persuade the consumer to buy that product in preference to another. Besides persuasion, advertising persist to gain information. While, these purposes are distinguishable both very often are simultaneously present. Sound and sight are two key senses of communication which util izedRead MoreNegotiations in an Organizational Culture1556 Words   |  6 Pagesexperts. b.Direct assessment, in bargaining, is where the other party does not typically disclose precise and specific information about the outcome values, resistance points, and expectations. Screening activities speak less. In its place, make use of words to inquire the negotiator. c.Direct action to modify impressions - through careful presentation: (1)Negotiators disclose only the facts essential to hold up their case. (2)Lead the other party to create the desired impression of their resistanceRead MoreTaking a Look at Manipulative Advertising773 Words   |  3 Pagesmarketing fallacies and tricks and it causes many troubles in the community. It has been argued that the reason for using manipulation rather than the information in the advertising world is to achieve the financial purposes in trade. The interests and commercial ambitions are good ways to use manipulation in the exploitation of consumers by traders. One of these goals is profit. Corporate business profitability always seeks the best in product development and spread everywhere, so manufacturers pay hugeRead MoreThe Crucible And Mccarthyism, Communism, And Communism1077 Words   |  5 PagesStaff). Puritans are extremely religious and put God before anyone else. They live restrictively and refrain from sin. Because of that, puritans fear sin. They compass characteristics of honesty, integrity, and faithfulness.  ¨For good purposes,even higher purposes, the people of Salem developed a theocracy, a combine of state and religious power whose function was to keep the community together, and to prevent any kind of disunity that might open it to destruction by m aterial or ideological enemiesRead MoreLanguage of Advertising: Nhs Smoke-Free784 Words   |  4 Pagesdangers of excessive use of health jeopardizing substances such as , drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Their uses of shock tactics to scare the viewer into giving up their dangerous habit provoke a topic of conversation but are these extreme methods still not enough to get the message across? Over the years, it is apparent that adverts in general have adapted their advertising language by employing extensive methods of persuasion, instead of focusing on their actual product or purpose. Some may rememberRead MoreRhetoric and Betrayal in Julius Caeser Play1486 Words   |  6 PagesShakespeare’s famous play Julius Caesar utilizes the literary element of rhetoric multiple times throughout to show the true power that words can hold. The rhetoric in Caesar accompanies the play’s themes of betrayal, deception, and exaggeration. Brutus uses rhetoric to persuade the crowd of plebeians that the murdering of Caesar was positive and beneficial to all of Rome, winning their support and causing them to join his cause. Soon after, Mark Antony gives a terrifically-persuasive speech that he claims

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The Theme of Isolation in Robert Frosts The Mending Wall...

The Theme of Isolation in Robert Frosts The Mending Wall Robert Frosts The Mending Wall is a comment on the nature of our society. In this poem, Frost examines the way in which we interact with one another and how we function as a whole. For Frost, the world is often one of isolation. Man has difficulty communicating and relating to one another. As a result, we have a tendency to shut ourselves off from others. In the absence of effective communication, we play the foolish game of avoiding any meaningful contact with others in order to gain privacy. The Mending Wall describes two neighboring farmers who basically live in isolation, at least from one another. Frosts use of language reinforces the idea of isolation. When†¦show more content†¦He has learned that it is easier to shut someone out than to attempt to effectively communicate. While the narrator seems more willing to reach out to his neighbor, in the end, he does not. He does wonder why fences supposedly make good neighbors. For him, the question is what is he walling in or walling out? He seems to realize that he is walling out other people. As long as the symbolic wall stands between the neighbors, they will always be separated. Earlier in the poem, Frost uses the symbolism of a rabbit to seemingly reinforce this point. The hunters must destroy the wall in order to have the rabbit out of hiding. The men, in turn must break down the walls between them if they are to come out of hiding. The narrator seems to have a desire to point this out to his neighbor. However, he does not, simply dismissing his idea as the mischief that spring has instilled in him. He realizes that he is unable to communicate with his neighbor in any meaningful fashion and, thus, remains in isolation from him. Frost considers the interaction between the two men to be nothing more than a foolish game. He uses language which makes the process of wall mending seem structured and organized in the manner of a game. The two men walk the line as they keep the wall between us as we go. Frost makes the men seem like opponents in this kind of outdoor game, as they are positioned one on a side. Thus as they work together,Show MoreRelatedRobert Frost had a fascination towards loneliness and isolation and thus expressed these ideas in1400 Words   |  6 Pages Robert Frost had a fascination towards loneliness and isolation and thus expressed these ideas in his poems through metaphors. The majority of the characters in Frost’s poems are isolated in one way or another. In some poems, such as â€Å"Acquainted with the Night† and â€Å"Mending Wall,† the speakers are lonely and isolated from their societies. On other occasions, Frost suggests that isolation can be avoided by interaction with other members of society, for example in â€Å"The Tuft of Flowers,† where theRead MoreRobert Frost s Mending Wall1291 Words   |  6 PagesIn Robert Frost’s poem â€Å"Mending Wall†, he illustrates barriers as linking people through, communication, friendship and the sense of security people gain from those barriers. His messages are utilized through systems, for example, symbolism, structure, and humor, uncovering a complex side of the poem and, in addition, accomplishing a general carefree impact. In Robert Fro st’s â€Å"Mending Wall† a tightly woven intricate balance of literal and metaphorical meaning is portrayed through themes of isolationRead MoreAnalyzing Robert Frosts Mending Wall1475 Words   |  6 PagesAnalyzing Robert Frost’s â€Å"Mending Wall† Robert Frost was born in San Francisco, California on March 26th in 1874. Robert Frost s personal life was filled with grief and insecurities. When he was 11, his father died of tuberculosis, his mother died of cancer years after, and his sister was confined into a mental institution where she also later died. Elinor and Robert Frost had six children together. One of their sons died of cholera, one son committed suicide, one of their daughters died afterRead MoreThe Dark Side of Robert Frost’s Nature Essay2339 Words   |  10 PagesRobert Frost is known for his poems about nature, he writes about trees, flowers, and animals. This is a common misconception, Robert Frost is more than someone who writes a happy poem about nature. The elements of nature he uses are symbolic of something more, something darker, and something that needs close attention to be discovered. Flowers might not always represent beauty in Robert Frost’s poetry. Symbolism is present in every line of the nature’s poet’s poems. The everyday objects presentRead MoreAnalysis Of Robert Frost s `` Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening `` And `` Mending Wall ``1817 Words   |  8 Pages Robert Frost was an American poet born on March 26, 1874. Living to the age of eighty eight, Frost was able to become an accomplished poet in his lifetime, creating beautiful works of art through his words. In many of his poems one can find similar themes that discuss intense feelings and ideas about isolation and loneliness in one’s life, such as in â€Å"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening† and â€Å"Mending Wall†. Each of the following poems discussed will demonstrate that throughout Robert Frost’sRead MoreThe Poetry of Robert Frost Essay754 Words   |  4 PagesRobert Frost has long been recognised as one of America’s greatest poets. Each poem begins with a straightforward description of a place or situation and then gently moves towards comme ntary and reflection on human life. There are life lessons to be learned in every poem which appeal to the reader both intellectually and emotionally. Frost deals with various aspects of human life throughout his poetry, such as; childhood, relationships, death, decision making, depression etc. Frost expresses theseRead MoreRobert Frost s Writing Style1589 Words   |  7 Pages Robert Frost once said, â€Å"The figure a poem makes. It begins in delight and ends in wisdom... in a clarification of life - not necessarily a great clarification, such as sects and cults are founded on, but in a momentary stay against confusion† (Robert Frost Quotes). This same kind of thinking opened the door for metaphorical poetry that helped to show the poets transparency. His love for the social outcast and the struggles of his life are exhibited greatly in his poems. Robert Frost helpedRead MoreFrosts simple style is deceptive Essay1354 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿Ã¢â‚¬ËœÃ¢â‚¬â„¢Frost’s simple style is deceptive and a thoughtful reader will see layers of meaning in his poetry.’’ Robert Frost (1874-1963) was a pastoral Rural American poet who portrays a benevolent side to New England in the US. Robert Frost was not fond of the fashion of the time. Instead, he adopted the persona of the New England farmer inspired by natural events. This deceptive but realistic poet had quite an individualistic style in comparison to any other poet, his poetry is written in the everydayRead MoreAnalysis Of Robert Frost s Mending Wall Essay1698 Words   |  7 Pageswhich leads to isolation and negligence to help others in the world. It has, sadly, become a common practice to adopt a â€Å"mind your own business† kind of mentality, further exacerbating this issue. This reclusiveness and negligence of social interaction are the shared theme in the works of Robert Frost, John Darley Bibb Latanà ©, and Barbara Kingsolver, which unite to tell us that this kind of lifestyle is flawed and must come to an end. In Robert Frost’s narrative poem, â€Å"Mending Wall†, the firstRead MoreEssay about Isolation and Nature in the Works of Robert Frost3175 Words   |  13 PagesIsolation and Nature in the Works of Robert Frost During the height of Robert Frost’s popularity, he was a well-loved poet who’s natural- and simple-seeming verse drew people - academics, artists, ordinary people both male and female - together into lecture halls and at poetry readings across the country.1 An eloquent, witty, and, above all else, honest public speaker, Frost’s readings imbued his poetry with a charismatic resonance beyond that of the words on paper, and it is of little

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Question: Discuss About The Current Business Intelligence In Academia? Answer: Introducation Electronic commerce is basically the process of carrying out business transactions by electronic, i.e. through the internet. It can be referred to as online buying and selling of goods or services of a business. Electronic commerce is a process that draws its effects and efficiency on technology advancement and improvement (Barnes et al, 2016), e.g. mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, online marketing and selling, data collection and exchange, business networking opportunities to name just but a few (Abebe, 2014). The e-commerce operates under four major business aspects, i.e. as business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-business. Therefore, this means that electronic commerce enables businesses and its stakeholders to work as a team towards achieving business objectives in an effective and efficient manner. The business are able to connect with other businesses, the consumers and the consumers connect with each other (Hoque et al, 2017) . E-commerce can be applied through the use of emails, online catalogs, online shopping charts, internet services and the EDI to name a few things (Ferreira et al, 2017). Project Objective This research project is meant to identify, analyze and evaluate the opportunities and problems that face business organizations that have adopted the use of electronic commerce in Australia. The opportunities refer to the reasons or benefits that accrue to the use of e-commerce in businesses while problems refer to the challenges that are cause or hinder the adoption of e-commerce in businesses located in Australia. Project Scope A project scope is used to identify the projects deliverables and the requirements of the end product or result which includes the identification of the listing of the project constraints and location. The research project will be limited to the identification and discussion of just the opportunities and problems that face business that have adopted electronic commerce. Additionally, the project will focus only on the restaurant businesses that operate within Australia. The project will last for just two months. With the current rates and levels of technology improvement and advancement, the adoption of electronic commerce is also becoming a norm for and a popular operation aspect in almost all business enterprises (whether small or large) (Wixom et al, 2014). The improved technology has led to improved electronic and technological appliances and devices like mobile phones, computers, televisions, programs and other applications that can be used in those devices to access the internet (Laudon et al, 2013). Therefore, this has led a large number of businesses into adopting the use of electronic commerce, especially in the developed countries like Australia. Opportunities for Using Electronic Commerce As the worlds population levels increasing, so do the number of consumers in the market. This means that every consumer has their own needs and wants, has different preferences when it comes to shopping and payment methods among other things. Also, it is important to note that, of the total worlds population, the largest population is taken by the consumers with high spending rates and behavior. Apparently, almost every operations of the consumers, suppliers and other business stakeholders are being dominated by use of technological devices/appliances (Hew et al, 2016). In that case, this situation creates a great opportunity for business enterprises to adopt the use of electronic commerce which is possible only with devices that that can access the internet. The opportunity basically is to enable the businesses access the worlds growing and developing market segment. Competition Every business must find a way to gain competitive advantage of its rivals in the market and industry. In the modern world, there is a lot of competition of businesses especially those that are trying to be associated with technology development and advancement. However, research has shown that the online commerce platform is currently one the most competitive platforms in the world. Businesses are trying to get recognized through the use of social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter among others (Turban et al, 2017). The online commerce platform offers many businesses an opportunity to increase and improve their competitive advantage by exposing them to the world which basically one of the major ways for businesses to improve its performance and productivity. Growth Potential The electronic platform is one of the fastest growing field in the business world. The more the technology advancement, the more and faster the growth of the fields that rely on it. The electronic commerce id being used by large numbers of businesses, groups and individuals to conduct their daily operations. For instance, the platform can be used for different purposes like to marketing, making sales, making purchases, for sharing information, for promotion purposes, connectivity of different businesses among other things. In addition to that, the platform is still improving and its uses will increase and vary as well. Furthermore, research has shown that many consumers are already using the e-commerce which gives an opportunity to the businesses for their growth as well. According to Savru et al, 2014, the businesses that have adopted the use of the e-commerce get better opportunities for growth simply because they are capable of conducting almost all of their operations at once or in one platform and reach their intended customers worldwide. Global Market Access Electronic commerce uses the internet for its operations. The internet is a world wide web that offers connection to every computer and any other electronic device in the world that can access to internet. Therefore, this means electronic commerce is also available in the whole world and can be accessed by any device. This is basically one of the key opportunities that e-commerce offers to business organizations. They basically have the chance to conduct their operations all over the world, eg sell products and services. However, this is mostly possible for businesses that have adopted the use of the most current technology as well as in the developed countries whose technology advancement levels are high (Nanehkaran, 2013). Businesses located in such countries like Australia, find it easy to do business operations via e-commerce which contributes greatly to the businesss development. Other opportunities that e-commerce offers to business that have adopted its use are: offers opportunities for businesses to communicate effectively and efficiently with consumers, opportunities for easy advertising and marketing techniques, opportunity for better connectivity chances with other business especially during business information outsourcing operations, opportunities for improving and developing its technology status among others. Problems of Using Electronic Commerce in businesses In the current world, the technology advancement has caused increased rates of cyber insecurity. The internet has basically enabled many criminals to steal business information especially those that use e-commerce to conduct their operations. Among all the users of the internet especially the social media only desire to meddle with the business websites and information. Through this they get the opportunity to infect it with viruses or any other malicious program that interferes with the businesss operations (Wixom et al, 2014). In most cases, these situations are aimed at stealing business information or rather interfering with it, eg stealing food preparation recipes or financial data. Therefore, this is a problem for many businesses that have adopted the use of e-commerce. Increased number of Competitors A business that has adopted the use of e-commerce has exposed itself to the whole world and therefore faces competition from rivals all over the world. The number of competitors involved in an e-commerce platform and much more than those that are found in a local market. These businesses compete with businesses that produce or manufacture the same kind of products (foods) or services (eg accommodation and hotel services) and unless the businesss products are of higher and better quality than the competitors, then they will not be purchased by consumers (Turban et al, 2017). Therefore, the problem of many competitors can negatively a businesss performance and productivity among other things. High costs involves For a business to improve its performance and productivity levels, it must be able to manage and monitor its operations effectively and efficiently. Apparently, for a business to go digital or global, it can be a very costly process (Turban et al, 2016). The business should ensure that there is data availability, smarter methods of selling, advertising and marketing and the capability of operating a multichannel business in general which can be a very expensive process. Apart from these, there are other problems that are experienced by businesses that have adopted the use of electronic commerce, e.g. problems in maintaining customer loyalty, problems when customer return purchased products and need to be refunded their money, struggles when it comes to the shipping and transportation costs involved, management challenges (Hisrich et al, 2017),some businesses lack effective and attractive web content especially in a social media platform to name just but a few. Research Justification The research is based on the opportunities and problems of social electronic commerce for businesses in Australia. Just as mentioned earlier, a large of business organizations are currently using the e-commerce to conduct their operations. E-commerce has apparently become one of the most common and popular operations for businesses of today especially restaurants that are trying to be technologically advanced. However, since electronic commerce is entirely determined by technology advancement, any effect (whether positive or negative) caused by improvement in technology also affects e-commerce directly. In that case, it is important to note that research has shown that technology development has caused immense effects on the internet use, both positive and negative. Therefore, with many businesses especially restaurants currently using the social e-commerce like social medial platforms to market, advertise, sell products, communicate to consumers among other things, it is crucial to research on the opportunities and problems that are possibly faced by the businesses that have adopted e-commerce use. The methodology that will be used to conduct the research is the qualitative methodology. The methodology focuses entirely on the research of aspects that relate to human behavior and the result or cause of those behaviors (Gill et al, 2008). Therefore, in this case, the methodology will enable the researcher to examine the effects of the use of e-commerce in business that cannot be quantified or measured. Some of these effects are the opportunities and problems experienced by these businesses due to use of e-commerce. Data Collection Method The data will be collected by the use of interviews, questionnaires and observations which are the most effective data collection methods in collecting qualitative research data (Grossoehme, 2014). The researcher will conduct interviews for businesses managers and employees that are located close to the researchers location. The interviews will be carried out for respondents whose businesses are located far away from the researchers location. The interviews will focus on the respondents views, experiences, motivations, believes and opinions about the businesss decision to use social electronic commerce (Hoare et al, 2013). The observation will be carried out just like an additional way to get more information on the respondents. Reliability and Validity The method will be able to provide reliable and effective data because it is actually the best method for such a project. The research focuses on identifying the opportunities and problems experienced by businesses, in Australia that have adopted the use of social electronic commerce. These two are basically unquantifiable research aspects or variables therefore suitable to be determined by use of such a method. Sampling method and Sample Size The researcher will randomly choose restaurant businesses in any industry but those that use social electronic commerce and locate in Australia. The researcher will list them in disorderly order and choose a small sample size from the large group of businesses by choosing one business and passing the other. Research Limitations Every research faces some problems or limitations from the beginning of the research to the end. The following are some of the problems that the researcher may face during the research: Problems in identifying the specific most common opportunities experienced and problems faced by the businesses that use e-commerce in Australia. Problems in convincing businesses to share their experiences with the researcher Some businesses may not be available to answer the questionnaires or undergo the interviews Some respondents like managers may fail to give their opinions on the use of e-commerce by the business Time Schedule DAYS/DATE 1st-7thNov 2017 8th-14th Nov 2017 15th-29th Nov 2017 30th-13th Dec 2017 14th-21st Dec 2017 22nd-29th Dec 2017 Research topic Project scope and objectives Literature review Research methodology Research limitations Research conclusion 1st 2nd day Brainstorm Brainstorm on project scope Research on opportunities Methodology design Review research Review research 3rd 4th day Research Brainstorm on project objectives Research on opportunities Data collection method Review research Review research 5th day Compare options Decision making Research on opportunities Validity and reliability Review research Review research 6th 7th day Decide on topic Research on opportunities Sampling method and size List limitations Make conclusions 8th 9th day Research on problems 10th 11th day Research on problems 12th day Research on problems 13th 14th day Research on problems Concclusion Businesses that have adopted the use of social electronic commerce have been given great opportunities that are capable of improving their performance and increasing their productivity. For instance, they have the opportunity to access global market, face other business in the world to compete which gives them the chance to learn and develop, opportunity to increase their market share and segment and chance to grow or rather expand their operations. To add to that, these businesses also face certain problems like increased competition from various businesses, data security issues and expenses in maintaining the e-commerce operations. however, it is a very effective way for businesses nowadays that want to connect, market, advertise, making sales, communicate to and with customers and conduct other operations easily and efficiently. References Abebe, M. (2014). Electronic commerce adoption, entrepreneurial orientation and small-and medium-sized enterprise (SME) performance.Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development,21(1), 100-116. Barnes, S., Hunt, B. (Eds.). (2013).E-commerce and v-business. Routledge. Ferreira, T., Pedrosa, I., Bernardino, J. 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